About National Biologics Facility

The National Biologics Facility offers industrial and academically based expertise and uniquely customized services for the early discovery and developmental stages of protein-based therapeutics, from early drug discovery to pre-clinical development, using standard as well as more advanced in-house developed mammalian production systems.

Our flexible and integrated service offerings include molecular construction of protein variants and expression vectors, rapid protein production for drug discovery, robust cell line development, protein purification and characterization, cell banking as well as our proprietary system for production of tailor made glycovariants for drug discovery and manufacturing.

Our combined industrial and academic background enables us to provide innovative solutions for clients to reach their goals and improve and accelerate their projects towards clinical phases, manufacturing and market.

Our mission is to service academics and SMEs to develop protein based biopharmaceuticals for their targets of interest, to perform research to accelerate the development of protein biopharmaceuticals in CHO cells, including the improvement of protein secretion, human-like glycosylation and data-driven bioprocess optimization and to support and develop existing DTU educational programs in graduate and continuing education with expertise and facilities for training.

Foto af Bjørn Voldborg

  • 20+ years experience in recombinant protein production
  • 8 years experience in cell line engineering and development
  • 10+ years experience in managing Core facilities
  • 9 years experience from Industrial Biotech